New Beginning.

Turns out I’m the kind of blogger who is inconsistent and unreliable. My last post was in May, really, I can do better. Motivation is the key, and being in the mindset that you want to share what’s going on in your life at that point in time. I’ll be honest I haven’t touched the camera much in the past 12 months, I’m often giving it to my sister or friends to take photos for me instead. And because I want this blog to be as much something I can reflect back on in years, as it is a way to share my world, I prefer to post my own photos.

I always saw the blog as a photographic journal of my life as a graphic designer, and in time ultimately as a new Mother. I dreamed of posting bright and happy pictures of my bundle of joy, of their smiles, of them lying on pretty patterned blankets or out on tour in the world with me. But then life got turned upside down. It has taken me a long time to think about the blog or touching the camera, until now. We are just weeks away from meeting our Rainbow Baby, and the idea of finally meeting our miracle and bringing them home with us, has been enough motivation to start my photographic journey again (curse myself if I look back on this post in another few months time not having posted anything!).

We are idly standing by waiting to meet our rainbow, with big smiles on our faces and so much love in our heart!


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Tiny Feet.

I hate shoes. I am not a shoe wearer, I like my feet to be free; to feel the earth; to breathe. When Winter comes around, you can hear me complaining almost every day that my poor feet are being forced to be constrained in boots. But unfortunately the cold weather is more powerful than my opinion on shoe wearing.

Shoes for tiny feet however, that’s a different matter. I adore tiny shoes; miniature moccs, boots, flip flops – all of them. When I was younger, I played more with Barbie’s shoes than her clothes or accessories (which often frustrated me because the makers of Barbie never seemed to put much thought in her shoes!). When baby moccasins became the fad last year, I was obsessed. A pair were brought for our baby last year, and they proudly sat on her dresser as a decorative item. This year I have brought our new baby another pair, and no doubt as his or her feet grow every week, I will continue to buy more tiny shoes. He or she will probably be known as the shoe-baby, but that’s okay.

So when I saw the latest collection from Pretty Brave, a NZ designer, I quickly added them to my online stores bookmark! Their designs are more creative than the basic moccs we see pop up everywhere for the standard $29.95 price tag. The fabrics, hues and patterns set them apart from the basics, and you don’t have to pay a ridiculous excess for the creativity.

Our_story_swing_5fbef5ec-5824-4750-a953-d1150114222e_grande MOC_naturalA_1024x1024 SLIPON_inkspotsA_1024x1024 MOC_electricblueA_1024x1024

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Collective No. 1

January has been a wonderful month full of many positive, fun, and beautiful things for me. So many that it’s impossible to try and blog about just one, so I have started a new tradition called the Collective to make sure nothing is forgotten. There is plenty of inspiration here, from books to decorating, food to places, wearing to watching; it’s a real mix.


1 / Home / Fiddle leaf fig tree, I finally have one in my life. Purchase locally from Eadie Sadie Thomson.
2 / Wear / Bandit Brand tees my new favourite staple.
3 / Home / Feeling sad about leaving my coat/hat rack behind when we move house soon, DIY like this might do.
4 / Art / Vintage inspired prints from Vintage Fair (shop around for better prices)
5 / Book / Just been given Cloudstreet by a friend, really excited to start it.
6 / Home / Starting to think about kitchen renovating, industrial is best.
7 / Eat / Recently went to Palm Beach Sydney and found this little beauty.
8 / Things / Santa was nice to me this year, although he was apparently to everyone around town #overkill
9 / Places / Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, has been in my dreams for years now.

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Welcome back to rarado. The blog has been quiet, well more like non existent, for some months now. But I am happy to say my inspiration is starting to come back, and I have been picking up the camera much more often these past few weeks. It is just one of the things that makes me happy, and choosing to be happy is so important in life. On Monday we celebrated Australia Day – your typical Aussie public holiday with backyard BBQ’s, or beach picnics, listening to Triple J Hottest 100 and drinking some cold cold beer. This year, we decided to take a break from the traditions, and instead we explored the Port on our bikes. The Wonderwalls Festival is on in town, and it has consumed all of my attention for the past week. Wonderwalls feature artist from home and abroad, demonstrating their awesome talents on local walls around town. Walls of building, fences, even the 24 hour gym! Some of them are breathtaking, some are meaningful, and others are just colourful and eye catching! Our sore bums at the end of the day was definitely worth the trip

IMG_9574 IMG_9579 copy IMG_9580 copy IMG_9582 IMG_9588 IMG_9590 IMG_9594 IMG_9599 copy IMG_9604 copy IMG_9607 IMG_9609 IMG_9612 IMG_9616 IMG_9618 IMG_9625 copy IMG_9630 IMG_9634 IMG_9635 copy IMG_9637 IMG_9641 IMG_9645

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    Collective No. 1

    January has been a wonderful month full of many positive, fun, and beautiful things for me. ...

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    Welcome back to rarado. The blog has been quiet, well more like non existent, for some ...

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