Bedroom Inspired Shapes.

Well it’s time for RaRaDo’s first printable’s post! This is something I want do as much as possible (e.g. when I have the spare time!), because I just love the idea of offering free stuff to my blog readers. And since I am a long way off having any valuable items to give away (am looking forward to that day Zara or Canon or that Sofia Cappola campagne I’ve been seeing all over the blogs this past week, contact me to promote their products on my blog!)… I will give you something that I can, my art…So the inspiration for my printable art today is from bed linen. I think the design industry of bed linen is just fantastic, every season is better than the next. I hate to think how much I have invested in new quilt sets, out with the old, in with the new every few months. Simon loves those days he comes home and gets to see the new addition to our bedroom (he’s not usually consulted during the new bed linen purchase, when we first met he had leopard print sheets – his right to be involved in any future bed linen decision making stopped there and then!)…
This season I am noticing a lot of shapes and motifs, with a bit of Middle Eastern influence, and yes the neons are still around! I have chosen four of my favourite designs out at the moment, and recreated printable wall art to match. Please feel free to download these using the PDF links at the top of each picture, they are created as A3 size, but can print A4 too. Enjoy x
1. rarado_YingYang // Urban Outfitters
2. rarado_MiddleEast // Aura at Myers
3. rarado_Triangles // Adairs
4. rarado_Circular // KAS

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One comment on “Bedroom Inspired Shapes.
  1. Janice says:

    Love it! Now where can I put one on my wall…… :)

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