DIY // Vintage Deskmat.

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I have had this old vintage wallpaper lying around for a few weeks now, wondering what to do with it. It was only 60cm long, so there wasn’t much I could do with it, but I wanted to feature it in my office somehow. Voila – hello new Desk Mat! Thanks to a rush of inspiration this morning (while tuning in to a Blog Webinar hosted by Voices of 2013 which was incredibly informative until my connection dropped out half way through), I took my boring black desk mat, my wallpaper, plugged the hot glue gun in, and got creative….
IMG_6654 copy
IMG_6658 copy IMG_6659 copy IMG_6662 copy IMG_6663 copy IMG_6665 copy IMG_6693 copy
1. Trace the mat onto the wallpaper, and carefully cut out
2. Lay wallpaper over the mat and trim any overlay
3. Peg one side of the wallpaper down, and glue the other side one corner at a time
4. Unpeg and finish both side
5. Go along any open edges with the glue gun, press down until glue cools off.
6. Voila! My new desk space x

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