New Orleans Pimms Cup

Spring is here for the weekend. I say the weekend, because recently the weather has been stormy one day, hot the next, so who knows how long this sunshine will last for… But while it is here, and on the weekend for that matter, I think this calls for the first Pimms Cup for the season! Let’s celebrate!

I tried my first Pimms Cup ever in New Orleans (if you’re going to try something for the first time, you might as well do it somewhere you can always reference back to “oh I did that first in New Orleans”, it’s a great brag!)… Soph & I were recommended to go try a Muffaletta (very famous N’Orleans sandwich) & a Pimms Cup at the very famous Napoleon House. After the initial embarrassment of asking whether the BLT on the table next to us was the famous Muffaletta we’d heard about, we eventually ordered the right meal. A sandwich made for kings, a one serving piece of sandwich that the two of us struggled to get through. Oh bless you American serving sizes! And the Pimm’s Cup was just the right drink of choice for the hot May Louisiana weather…

So, in honor of our New Orleans trip, and this beautiful sunny day, here’s my Pimm’s Cup recipe:

IMG_6356 (800x533)
1/3 Pimm’s
2/3 Traditional Lemonade
Top up with Sprite
Cucumber (sliced)
Lemon (sliced)

IMG_6329 (800x533) IMG_6333 (800x533) IMG_6347 (800x533)Napoleon House, New Orleans (photo credits: Pinterest)

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