Zooey and Tommy.

From the moment she uttered those words “look under your bed, it will set you free” on Almost Famous, I have been in love with Miss Zooey Deschanel. Those bangs, her sixties inspired fashion, and most especially the quirky characters she plays in all her roles – Zooey is that person you secretly want as your best friend! So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the news of her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, and even more so when I saw the collection. A beautiful mixture of vintage dresses, inspired by Zooey’s personal muse – Twiggy! Check them out, and depending where you live in the world, you can purchase here: Tommy UK Store.


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Lately // June Long Weekend Getaway

IMG_8529 copy We have a fabulous new tradition in our family – the “June long weekend getaway”. My amazing Dad decided for his 60th last year, that he would prefer a quiet few days away with his family rather than a big party. Apparently, we all grow out of the party stage at some point….maybe. I posted about last year’s amazing weekend here. We all enjoyed ourselves so much we decided to come back this year, and voila; a tradition is born.

The holiday location in mention is Encounter Bay, just a few minutes north of Victor Harbor, where our holidays have seemed to be frequent in the last few months. For us it’s the best and easiest location, only 1 hour 30 from our house, but you still feel like you’ve ventured far enough to be on a “getaway”. Dad found the most wonderful house last year, perfectly equipped for a big family like us, and so we hired it again (much to my brother-in-laws dismay, who says it’s too far from his surfing spots!). But really, for us, it’s all we need. The weather in June isn’t perfect, and Victor is always a little colder, but sitting in the lounge looking out to the ocean can be just as beautiful as being in the ocean itself! We hit up the local farmers market on the Saturday morning and stocked up on goodies for the weekend, Simon cooked his famous roast pork for dinner one night, another night we played board games, and on the last night (after the kids all went to bed) we all watched a scary movie together. And of course we fit in at least one walk to The Bluff for some whale sighting (this time of year is great for Humpback Whale sightings at Victor) although we didn’t see any (or were more focused on the two boys who were wanting to climb every cliff and rock in sight!).

It’s funny how traditions can start their own story of memories, one year is compared to the next and then the next. For me, last year I pretty much had a glass of red in my hand the whole time, this year I was 30 weeks pregnant and replaced the wine with chocolate custard! We also couldn’t help but mention how next year we’ll have a 9 month old crawling around the place, and we would need gates for the stairs! This house will soon become a storybook of our lives every June long weekend, and that’s exciting…! IMG_8471 copy IMG_8470 copy IMG_8474 copy IMG_8476 copy IMG_8480 copy IMG_8505 copy IMG_8489 copy IMG_8491 copy IMG_8492 copy IMG_8501 copy IMG_8502 copy IMG_8509 copy IMG_8510 copy IMG_8516 copy IMG_8472 copy IMG_8523 copy IMG_8522 copy IMG_8525 copy IMG_8527 copy IMG_8530 copy IMG_8531 copy IMG_8533 copy IMG_8535 copy IMG_8539 copy IMG_8546 copy IMG_8547 copy IMG_8548 copy IMG_8549 copy IMG_8556 copy IMG_8558 copy IMG_8562 copy IMG_8566 copy IMG_8577 copy

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Away We Go.

IMG_8407 copyPicture this… It’s Thursday morning and I’m packing the car ready to spend the next two nights away with my two best friends. One of them currently lives in Canada (and is expecting a baby on the exact same due date as me), and the other just moved back from living in Rhode Island, USA. We are road tripping to Victor Harbor, a place where more than 10 years earlier we celebrated our high school graduation together. What more could a girl ask for!

So away we go….! We start the adventure with a day of wine tasting in the beautiful McLaren Vale region (my favourite wine region of SA – when I’m not pregnant!!). Note – pregnant ladies were not tasting (and note to wineries: non-alcoholic wine is not worth your time!) It’s hard to pick a favourite winery in this particular region, they all offer something different and spectacular. However the likes of Hugh Hamilton, Alpha Box & Dice, and Coriole Vineyards are definitely high on the list! After a quick stop to buy some groceries for dinner, our next stop was our booked accommodation for the next two nights. We found the most amazing house on Air BNB, a little country escape in a place called Mt Jagged (about 15 minutes before Victor Harbor). We had the whole farm to ourselves, apart from the grazing cows who greeted us every morning, it was absolute serenity! The next day my main man Simon arrived after missing out on the first day’s adventures due to work. We all piled in the car again and headed into Victor Harbor for a day of sightseeing, pie eating, mini golf, and cheese tasting (which happened to be right down the road from our house, amazing!) And later than night we headed out for Tapas to celebrate an early 30th of miss Rhode Island and an early 29th of miss Canada – and finished the night perfectly with churros and chocolate sauce….drool! Unfortunately we all had busy plans on the Saturday which meant we departed the house early, if only we could have stayed longer!

IMG_8307 copy IMG_8311 copy IMG_8312 copy IMG_8317 copy IMG_8319 copy IMG_8321 copy IMG_8322 copy IMG_8325 copy IMG_8332 copy IMG_8339 copy IMG_8354 copy IMG_8355 copy IMG_8358 copy IMG_8359 copy IMG_8360 copy IMG_8361 copy IMG_8363 copy IMG_8364 copy IMG_8366 copy IMG_8368 copy IMG_8373 copy IMG_8375 copy IMG_8377 copy IMG_8379 copy IMG_8385 copy IMG_8387 copy IMG_8389 copy IMG_8392 copy IMG_8396 copy IMG_8399 copy IMG_8410 copy IMG_8411 copy IMG_8412 copy IMG_8417 copy IMG_8424 copy IMG_8435 copy IMG_8437 copy IMG_8441 copy IMG_8444 copy IMG_8445 copy IMG_8446 copy IMG_8450 copy IMG_8453 copy IMG_8454 copy IMG_8458 copy IMG_8459 copy IMG_8462 copy IMG_8468 copy

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Have been watching this video over and over again - Phillip Phillips singing straight to my soul at this exact time of my life….

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